"...As a very experienced coach and trainer of coaches, I admit I thought on-line coaching was not going to be "coaching". I began the system and was also thinking I didn't have a coaching issue at the time. During the fourth session, I got a HUGE hit and my light bulb went on and I realized that I did have a BIG coaching issue. Then I got serious and excited and have continued to get high value as a client and can see how awesome this is going to be for coaching clients around the world. Amazing!' Terri Levine USA ..."
Terri Levine 

"...Coaching Interactive is a gift in personal development. This unique system in which you work at your own pace and choose the level of interactivity, gives you all the flexibility and tools to realize your dreams and to reach your goals. The use of writing is truly powerful, as if shining a torch on your potential. I love how it brings clarity, grounds goals, stimulates reflection and provides a great platform to work from..."
Marisa Bull 

"... believe in this program and am VERY EXCITED about what it will mean for people who want to be coached. I am a very big proponent of making coaching affordable and this DOES it. A coaching program for everyone..."
Josephine Romano 

"...I just also wanted to take a quick minute to say how utterly impressed I am with the customer service (if only all companies worked like yours). I am just thrilled with selecting the hub as my platform - I had tried another in the past, but found it too cumbersome to edit/change, etc. I really can't say enough about the ease of using this program, and your help has been priceless. Thank you again! :)..."
Diane Adkins

Becoming a Coach

is a relatively easy process and there are many excellent schools and coaching colleges out there but none of them seem to address the challenges coaches face after they become a coach.

There are 3 areas that are of concern for a professional coach to make a successful business. These areas are the Market Place - what is happening right now and is there a market for your new profession. The Timing Issues - Being available when your clients need your services and the Money Issues - generating enough money to sustain a successful and profitable coaching business.

The Market Place

Group of peopleWe strongly believe that everyone deserves the right to have easy access to Coaching. After years of developing this concept, combining the most powerful life coaching tools, together with the very best in Accredited Interactive Coaching professional. Everyone can now personally grow and build the life they desire. With interactive coaching the coach has all the necessary Online Interactive Coaching programs that will fit everyone's budget.

The Time Issues

Coaching sessionEven the most accomplished life coach is exhausted by attempting to coach more than 4 people a day, on a 1:1 basis. This seriously limits the number of coaching clients a coach can handle. Too many coaches are being told the only way to increase their revenue is to coach groups. Group coaching is not ideal for either the coach or clients. With Group coaching rarely can a coach get to everyone or to their specific issues. Leaving many frustrated or confused.

The Money Issues

CoachesMany times coaches are encouraged to give their services away for free while building their practice. WHY? With Online Solutions for Coaches, your own coaching hub and the Self and Interactive Coaching programs, you can concentrate on only working for clients who wish to be coached and more importantly pay for your coaching service. The Online Coaching programs will guide your prospective clients through a step-by-step process encouraging them at every stage to send their work to their coach (you) giving you the ideal opportunity to upgrade these clients to paying clients.

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    Offer more services to attract more clients
    Have an effective marketing funnel
    Increase your income by receiving multiple incomes
    Remove the biggest barrier to entry - MONEY!