"...this has been an absolute revelation to me! It has so much to offer anybody who wants to be proactive in making positive and lasting changes to their lives. It is particularly ideal for those who never have time for, or cannot afford, face-to-face coaching. It can all be done in the comfort of your own home - allowing you good quality time to really reflect on your life and how you want it to be. ..."

"...I found it very helpful to have a structured process to guide me through the initial stages of setting up my interactive coaching business. By working through this step-by-step business development programme I quickly managed to establish my hot spot, create my 30 second elevator speech, produce a brand-new website, set up my personal response mechanism, and last but not least, to temper my natural enthusiasm until all this was in place before I embarked on any proactive marketing. I managed to get my first interactive client before my website even went live and just over a month of having started the process! Now the foundation is in place I feel ready and prepared to really kick-start my business with a huge marketing offensive! Thanks for all your time, help and support, Rob! ..."

"...from my client's point of view, they can access coaching at an affordable level, see how it works for them and decide, without obligation or pressure, where they want to go with it ..."

Safe - Secure - Confidential. Online Coaching Platform!

This VIP Coaching, VIRTUAL - INTERACTIVE - PERSONAL coaching platform, is based on an e-learning software we have perfected over the past 10yrs. Enabling coaches to reach out and coach hundreds if not thousands of clients worldwide.

The benefits of adding a Coaching Platform to your coaching products and services:-

    A remote server ensures your programs and clients work is in a safe, secure and confidential environment.
    24/7/365 online coaching, on any device. Taking your coaching global.
    An effective Marketing Funnel attracting thousands of clients.

Embrace the Internet and get your online coaching platform!

Be part of an increasing number of coaches who are embracing the internet. This coaching platform or coaching hub has been created based on an e-learning software, with over 10 yrs of development. The Hub is an innovative and exciting addition to the coaching world. Coaches are no longer restricted to just their 1 2 1 coaching. 1 2 1 coaching is the high value end of the coach's business and therefore it stands to reason that if we can embrace the internet to attract more clients, engage these clients in self coaching programs. Where there is no obligation to the coach to actually coach the client. The coach allows the system to do the job, then the coach can offer coaching to far more clients than ever before at an affordable price. With the option to upgrade at anytime, to Interactive coaching or the 1 2 1 coaching services. The coach can spend far more time working on their high value end of their business while having an increasing number of people upgrading from the online coaching programs.


With approx 57,519,148 users of the e-learning platform currently online, this method of coaching is not only being accepted but will be part of the norm. Clients can choose when they wish to be coached, they can choose where they want to be coached and more importantly how much they are able to spend on their coaching. All the time having access to their own personal dedicated online interactive qualified coach.

The Hub is an effective marketing funnel attracting prospective clients to work on the self or interactive coaching programs while the coach can keep the lines of communications open, inviting them to upgrade or request the 1 2 1 services of their coach.

The HUB has made the online coaching process simple, fun, accessible and affordable. Each coach is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will guide and aid them as and when they require.

The beauty with the HUB is that you need no technical knowledge. You can start to promote and coach using the programs already uploaded into your Hub immediately. Although the HUB is a very sophisticated platform creating a new program is also very simple. You can choose from a number of styles to incorporate into your program, even adding video's and audios. Should you require any assistance you will be given a simple guide and of course as every coach is assigned a dedicated Account Manager help is always on hand.

The HUB has been created by coaches for coaches over 7 yrs. During this time we spent time focused on the coach, then we turned our attention to the clients. Now we have brought the two together and introduce to you the HUB.

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PD-HUB Benefits

    Remote Server
    Life coaching tools
    Various styles of program structure
    Full Reports on all programs
    Calendars, Events and News
    Video, Audio & Media uploads
    Created to handle over 90 languages
    Safe, Secure and confidential
    Work towards a work - life balance
    Keeping clients focused and engaged
    Keep track on your clients work
    Giving clients regular encouragement
    Stay connected with your clients

Check out the Coaching Hub Features...