"...I just also wanted to take a quick minute to say how utterly impressed I am with the customer service (if only all companies worked like yours). I am just thrilled with selecting the hub as my platform - I had tried another in the past, but found it too cumbersome to edit/change, etc. I really can't say enough about the ease of using this program, and your help has been priceless. Thank you again! :)..."
Diane Adkins

"...If we just consider the logistical issues alone, interactive coaching is a winning concept. It frees my clients to work at a time of their choosing. Until now I have steered clear of booking midnight coaching sessions - I value my freedom to work when I choose! Now my clients also have the choice, to be coached at weekends, at night, at dawn... whenever suits them best..."

"...I realise that I have been coaching before I even knew what coaching was. I love words and have always used them as a way of encouraging and supporting others so Coaching Interactive is exactly what the coach doctor ordered. Not only does it provide me with a greater opportunity to see into the needs of my clients but I think it also gives my clients greater focus. Through my clients own words I have greater insight as to where my input and support is needed. And, what's more I get to be a 24hr coach! ..."

"...This is a very effective, multifaceted style of coaching. It is a very accessible approach, often working at a subliminal level to help make significant life changes..."

"...Interactive Coaching is a thorough and expanding programme put together with care and integrity. I have used it from the client/coachee's perspective and was extremely surprised by its effectiveness. It got me back on track. Very many thanks..."

"...Is it great to see how much a client can get out of the response ..."

"...Success had only been a dream before I experienced Interactive Coaching . Now I have exceeded even my own wildest imagination!.."

Coaching Incomes

A coaching hub that enables multiple income streams from coaching, even while you sleep!


Historically Coaches have only been able to consider generating an income by offering their  1 to 1 coaching service.  This has proved to be very restrictive, mainly by the limited number of clients a coach can coach at any one time.  The number of hours in a day, together with geographical restrictions. Hence the reasoning behind many coaches being encouraged to try "Group" coaching. Group coaching is not anywhere near as effective as personal coaching, be this self, interactive or 1 2 1 coaching. People are reluctant to "open -up" in groups and with many coaches being fearful of speaking to a group of people this method of coaching only works for a handful of people.

All of these components effectively impact the total income potential from Coaching. By embracing the internet and including Self & Interactive coaching programs the coach can now have the potential of Passive Income from Self Coaching, Leveraged Income from Interactive Coaching, Affiliate Income from recommendations and Royalty income from program creation. Region Income from building a team of coaches.

Today there are various income streams a coach can expect to receive from coaching:

    INCOME 1: Affiliate Incomes
    INCOME 2: Passive Incomes
    INCOME 3: Leveraged Income
    INCOME 4: Royalty Income
    INCOME 5: High Value 1 2 1 Income
    INCOME 6: Region Income


Online Solutions for coaches Affiliate program

Online Solutions for Coaches - Affiliate Program. Affiliates are simply people who have found a good product and are happy to recommend others. By way of a thank you online solutions for coaches will send you a full 10% commission for every person registered with us under your affiliate number. Sign up today and place our banners and personalized url links on your website and/or in your marketing material, even on your email signature. To get more information and sign up today, click on the link below.


Further examples

Not only is the Hub a platform for the coach to deliver their programs to their clients, this can also be used to generate more affiliate income from say Amazon. The coach can choose to include a "block" that can hold html coding generated from the coach Amazon affiliate program. Enter this code into the block and create say a 'Recommended Book of the Week' This process is as simple as copy and pasting and not restricted to just Amazon but any program that offers an affiliate program. Your clients may be interested in having a vision board downloaded on their pc, again the coach can create a 'block'  enter the html code and your client will see a beautiful banner on the Hub for them to select should they wish. The coach would receive funds each time a client purchases the vision board. This "block" can be created for the main Hub or for individual programs that are relevant to that program.


By promoting the self coaching programs uploaded in your personal hub you can really increase the number of coaching clients. The self coaching programs are designed to attract clients who are interested in taking the first step in coaching. These people may have limited funds or have concerns about talking to a 'stranger'.

Now with Self Coaching, clients are able to start their coaching experience for a fraction of the price a Life Coach would charge. How can this be? Because the system and client work together the coach has no responsibility to "coach" the clients on these programs. The coach simply includes these self coaching programs to their catalog of services on their website, sending prospective clients to their Coaching Hub allowing clients access to the Self Coaching programs. Once registered the client would have immediate access to start on their road of discovery - the coach will receive a passive income for each and every client registered.

The client can of course upgrade to Interactive or 121 coaching should they wish to, in fact the system encourages them to do so.  Consider this as part of your marketing funnel effectively your pool of future clients for your Interactive and 1 to 1 services. There is NO limit to the number of self coaching clients that you can support on your platform. You can now offer online, global 24/7/365 coaching services.

The Hub will be either personalized or fully branded depending on the plan chosen, giving a smooth transition for the clients. All correspondence and clients will only be accessible by the coach, enabling the coach to reach out and offer the hand of friendship either by email or via the instant messaging system installed on the Hub.

Corporate Coaching

These programs are ideal for those in the corporate world of coaching. The biggest issue with every corporate client is how to get everyone access to effective coaching without the heavy draw on limited resources.

Now you can have every member of staff working on these programs either as self or interactive without any problem. Their work is held in a convenient place for the coach to be able to review and respond to. The coach can set up a group for the corporate client and include a social forum and open discussion on all or just one of the programs.


The coach is a facilitator of these personalized Interactive Coaching Programs. They are unique  and written by the best coaches in the industry.  The client will be  guided through the program, responding to cleverly written questions and then sending their work to you, their coach. The coach will receive notice that the work has been completed and will access their Hub to review and coach on the work completed and submitted by the client.  As an AIC you will learn how to best utilize your time and respond to the communications, leveraging your time as a coach enabling you to be able to "Interactively" coach far more people than you have ever been able to do before.

The advantage for the coach is that they are able to reflect prior to responding to the client. All clients and coaches find that this process takes their coaching experience to a new level. It is so much deeper, sole searching and some say spiritual. The client is able to respond with their true feelings and the coach is not under pressure to achieve results within a single 1 2 1 coaching session.

The Interactive programs are a great asset to every coach wishing to receive high rewards for their coaching, building a successful, profitable coaching business.


  • Do you have your own coaching programs?
  • Want to take this global?
  • Interested in having a team of coaches delivering your programs?

    Consider a Hub that can handle coaching teams. These teams can use your coaching programs to coach their clients and each time your program/s is used you will receive an over ride or royalty income. The Hub has a built in mentors level of management  enabling you to over see the work being completed and the coaching comments.  The Hub will have your branding and contact details. The income will be paid directly to your PayPal business account.


    Each online program encourages the visitor to upgrade, generating high value 1 2 1 coaching income. You are in control of this service, you would negotiate the price with your client and the time period they require.  Your Hub has a 1 2 1 scheduler facility for the client to request your 1 2 1 services. Depending on your terms you can accept the request or wait for payment before agreeing to the appointment.


    We are looking for anyone interested in taking these products and online programs into their respective country/region. If you like what you have read so far you may be interested in taking this further, we are very interested in speaking with you to expand your business and have a region opportunity with us. Please send an email to Robert Rendle for a private chat to discuss this opportunity further