The Hub is an online coaching hub that makes the management and delivery of web-based coaching programs easy.

Each Coaching Hub is customized with your company logo to give your clients a smooth transition from your website to your Hub

Create your own online coaching programs

Fun, Engaging coaching programs. Anytime - Anywhere

Creating your own professional coaching programs is a very simple process. Working in modules you can make clients work through each section in turn or allow them to jump around as they wish.


Every Hub account has a unique website address and branding. e.g. https://yourname.pd-hub.com Or e.g. http://www.megalearn.com. We will upload your own company logo to ensure your hub is instantly identified with your brand. Some coaches require some small changes like the background image and font color changes. Your Account Manager will work with you to help with these changes.

Create Fun, Engaging Coaching Programs

You can add any number of interesting modules to your programs to keep your clients engaged and interested. You can create quiz style questions, or assignment style questions where you are expecting a longer reply. Include automatic feedback to all your questions so your clients can receive welcomed encouragement throughout their coaching journey.


The SCORM module enables you (the coach) to upload any SCORM 1.2 or AICC package to include in your program. Upload pdf's and any image file you wish.

Add Certificates

With this function as your client finishes their program you can select to automatically send out a certificate at the end of the program.

Video's, Audio's & Images

With our simple text editor you can upload just about any type of file to a program. e.g.pdf, mp3,zip, word, excel, powerpoint, pictures and diagrams. You can even upload your YouTube video's.


By adding a journal to your program to ask clients to reflect on a particular topic. The clients can edit and refine their answer over time. This is a must for all coaching programs as the client will be able to view their entries and see the journey they have traveled.


The chat activity module allows participants to have a real-time synchronous discussion in a program. This is a useful way to get a different understanding of each other and the topic being discussed – the mode of using a chat room is quite different from the asynchronous forums. The Chat module contains a number of features for managing and reviewing chat discussions.

Grading & Reviewing

The program creation is very flexible and allows you to add a grade to each module or each activity as and when your client works through the sessions. Equally with the Coaching Sessions you are able to review the work your client has sent to you their coach. You can then add your coaching feedback to start the coaching rainbow.

Email Notifications

By default the coach will receive an email notification each time a client registers in their Hub and a coaching program.

HMTL Blocks

With the clever HTML blocks you can include a recommended reading list for your clients to back up their coaching program. By adding the HMTL code from Amazon you can personalize each program and receive commission from Amazon each time a client purchases a book from your Hub. This HTML is not restricted in anyway, you can use this to promote an affiliate link such as a Vision Board or desktop Life Map. The choice is entirely yours.

Selling your programs

We use PayPal as this is a universal and highly respected payment processor. Each program is set with a default of $27 but as the coach you can set this cost at anything you wish. 100% of the revenue generated from all programs are sent directly to your PayPal account, there are no hidden costs.