Coaching HUB

Based on e-learning the coaching HUB is a VIP Coaching Platform. Virtual - Interactive - Personal coaching hub.

Be part of an increasing number of smart coaches and embrace the internet. By adding  VIP coaching Hub to your existing coaching business you can reach out to thousands of clients worldwide. This is the ultimate VIP coaching software, which delivers licensed Self & Interactive Coaching Programs. Enables the coach to create their own coaching programs and manage their clients.

The HUB includes:-

  • Personalized or branded Hub
  • Unique Life Mapping Tool
  • Self Coaching Programs
  • Interactive Coaching Program
  • Social interaction
  • PayPal enabled
  • Video, Audio enabled
  • Unlimited clients
  • Blogs
  • Email & Instant messaging
  • Calendars
  • News forums
  • 1 2 1 booking facility
  • Client and coach support
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The coaching Hub has been created to keep your clients engaged
With fun, simple and engaging programs, including the unique life mapping coaching tool encouraging your clients to keep focused and on target with their goals.

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The coaching Hub offers both Self and Interactive Coaching programs
Clients work on the Self coaching programs without the need of a coach. The coach will respond to the clients work completed within the Interactive coaching program. Either inside the system or by email.

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24/7/365 Virtual Coach
The Hub is on its own servers so accessible by both clients and coach at anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection. Consider earning from your coaching business even while you sleep.

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VIP Coaching HUB

Company LogoThe Hub has been designed for coaches to attract more clients, make more money while increasing time freedom . The ultimate coaching platform for the serious coach!

The Hub has been created based on an e-learning platform.  The Hub is an innovative and exciting addition to the coaching world.  Coaches are no longer restricted to just their 121 coaching. 1 2 1 or face to face coaching is the high value end of the coach's business and therefore it stands to reason that if we can embrace the internet to attract more clients, engage these clients in self coaching programs. Giving the option to upgrade at anytime, the coach can spend far more time working on their high value services of their business while having an increasing number of people upgrading from the online coaching programs.


With approx 57,519,148 users of the e-learning platform currently online, this method of coaching is not only being accepted but will be part of the norm. Clients can choose when they wish to be coached, they can choose where they want to be coached and more importantly how much they are able to spend on their coaching. All the time having access to their own personal dedicated online interactive qualified coach.

An Effective Marketing Funnel

The Hub is also an effective marketing funnel attracting prospective clients to work on the self or interactive coaching programs while the coach can keep the lines of communications open, inviting them to upgrade or request the 1 2 1 services of their coach. All the time building rapport and those important lines of communications.

The HUB has made the online coaching process simple, fun, accessible and affordable. Each coach is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will guide and aid them as and when they require.

No Technical skills required

The beauty with The HUB is that you need no technical knowledge. You can start to promote and coach immediately using the programs already uploaded into your personalized Hub. Although The HUB is a very sophisticated platform creating a new program is also very simple. You can choose from a number of styles to incorporate into your program, even adding video's and audios. Should you require any assistance you will be given a simple guide and of course as every coach is assigned a dedicated Account Manager help is always on hand.

Created by Coaches for Coaches

The HUB has been created by coaches for coaches over 7 yrs of development and testing the programs. During this period we spent time focused on the coach, then we turned our attention to the clients. Now we have brought the two together and introduce to you The HUB, the ultimate solution to your coaching business.

Group of People

Solution Number 1

Attract More Coaching Clients

With your personalized Hub you are given from the very start the tools you need to lay the foundations of a successful Online Coaching Business. With easy step-by-step Self and Interactive coaching programs you are not limited by the number of online clients you can handle. Offering easy accessible and affordable online coaching programs is the first step. This coaching hub is designed to enhance your Coaching Practice whatever coaching niche you are focused on. Making sure you have strong foundations for your future business is the first step to attracting more clients.
Coach on computer

Solution Number 2

Receive Multiple Incomes from your Coaching Business

With an unlimited number of clients using the Self coaching programs - now coaching is no longer reserved for just the boardroom! The Hub is designed to assist the coach in every way we can to ensure you create a successful and profitable business. Expand your income potential by having more outlets to create more income. Your Hub will give you every facility and all the knowledge required to assist you in developing a successful and profitable online coaching business. We will share with you the best practices, tips and recommendations on how to increase your income by using your Hub effectively.

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Solution Number 3

Having more time and peace of mind!

With your Coaching Hub you will be able to organize your business, time management, diary, events, Coaching Sessions and your finances on a remote server. This ensures security and confidentiality for both you and your clients. No more invoicing or credit control, access is controlled. Clients can only access your programs if they pay you or you personally allow them access. ALL fees are paid directly to your personal PayPal account by your clients. Should your PC be stolen or experience a crash you can continue to coach just by stopping by an internet cafe - business as usual!

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