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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is The Hub?

The Hub is based on an e-learning or virtual learning platform. The Hub is used to deliver the Self & Interactive coaching programs to coaching clients. It has become very popular among coaches around the world as a tool for creating and delivering online dynamic coaching platform for their clients. By embracing the internet and using the Hub you will be able to coach hundreds if not thousands of clients all at the same time.

What does VIP coaching mean?

Virtual - Interactive - Personal.

How long does it take once purchased, to have my Hub ready?

For all plans apart from the Premier plan, you will be redirected from Paypal to a setup page for you to create your personal Coaching Hub. You will have immediate access to your coaching hub and can get started start away. You then only need to add a nice welcome message and a bio or description of your company/services. Check you are happy with the pricing of the programs. That is it!

Are there any other costs I should know about?

No, we operate on an Easy in - Easy out. If you need to step out for a while perhaps because of ill health simply stop your subscriptions. When you are ready to restart your online coaching business simply restart your subscription and you will have immediate access. Your coaching hub will be held in suspension for 6 months before the site is deleted.

How much technical knowledge do I need to know?

Very little technical knowledge is required,  the most complicated element requires nothing more than copy and paste. Even creating your own programs is easy, however if for whatever reason you do get stuck you will be allocated your own personal Account Manager to assist you.

What if I am not a coach - can I still use this platform?

Absolutely, we can work together to ensure your Hub offers a professional image for your organization, the language can be changed to fit your business for example instead of coach you may prefer tutor/ mentor/councilor and programs or courses.

Why PayPal?

PayPal is an international accepted form of payment on the internet. It is safe, secure and YOU are in control at all times. We do not want to have your credit card details. By using PayPal you have can stop your subscriptions at anytime.

Can I take a look at a Coaching Hub?

Of course, we are able to arrange a Demo site for you to check out. But please be aware that the Coaching hub can do everything you could possibly require. The Demo site will not have all areas opened. Mainly because the coaching hub is extensive in its offering and we do not wish to overwhelm anyone accessing this for the first time. We recommend that if you have anything specific that you wish for your coaching hub please speak with your Account Manager.

Do I have to use your programs?

No, by selecting either Solo, Business, Team or Premier packages you can create as many of your own programs as you wish. You are in control and can decide to omit these from your offering and ONLY have your own bespoke, niche Coaching Programs available.

I'm not terribly technical...and it says it is pretty easy to create your own programs, just how easy is it to create my own coaching programs?

For all plans accept the Starter plan you will be assigned an Account Manager. Your manager is here to help you in anyway you need. The programs are constructed in a module or weekly format. You then just simply add a coaches activity or resource component to build your program. The coaching activity or resources can be pages of information from the coach, quiz style questions or reading material. The choice is yours. We also have a full online support are where you can gain further knowledge.

Do I get to determine the cost of each of the programs?

Yes, the coaching hub programs will be set with default prices, which you can change at anytime. You can determine the cost of all your coaching programs. With 100% of this revenue being paid directly into your paypal account, for you to keep.

Why do you offer websites, surely most established coaches have a website already?

Yes, many professional established coaches will have a website. In many cases these are sites that the coach is using to promote themselves and their 1 2 1 coaching services. However, we do recommend you have a website that focuses on the Online Coaching Self & Interactive coaching programs. The coach can use our award winning site builder product or a wordpress site or simply add a few pages to their existing website.

Does the platform work on all browsers?


With the number of people using their mobiles and ipads to connect with the internet will my clients be able to use their mobile devices to access my coaching programs.

Yes. The coaching hub has been designed for all mobile devices.

I see there is a monthly subscription what is this for?

The monthly subscription is intentionally low, this is to cover the Hub hosting, support, security, updates and maintenance of the Hub.

What happens if I miss a payment?

We are delighted to offer an easy in, easy out policy. If for whatever reason you need to put a hold on your monthly fee, no problem. you can at anytime within a 6 month period reinstate your account by re establishing your monthly fee.

What money back guarantees do you offer?

The Starter and Solo Plans have a 7 day - 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. The other plans do not have a money back policy as these coaching Hubs are personalized and created specifically for you. The setup fee is required to pay for the Domain, hosting and the team who will be set to work on creating your Hub the moment we receive notice of your purchase.

Is there any other payment processor than Paypal?

The coaching hub only offers PayPal. But the membership hub offer over 24 different payment processors.