Coaching Hub Features.

The Coaching Hub has been created for coaches and mentors wishing to offer online coaching workshops, courses and training. The coaching hub enables a coach to focus their courses all in one place. Offering Virtual, Interactive and Personal coaching. Here are just a few of the great features we have available to you in the Coaching Hub.

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Pre-loaded programs License

Every coaching hub comes with over 6 self & interactive coaching programs. Offer and coach with 5 Virtual Coaching program, 1 Interactive coaching program and 1 free coaching tool. The coach sets the price and retains 100% of all money received.

Online V.I.P.Programs

Create your own bespoke online self or interactive coaching programs. With simple drag and drop functions. With instant coach responses, tests, multiple choice, essay style responses,Calculated, Embedded Answers, Short-Answer, Numerical and True/False. Certificates and surveys.

Coaches Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel

The essential coach marketing funnel, a system that attracts prospective clients. Hook them into self coaching programs that empowers them into interact with the coach online. Freeing the coach to concentrate on the high value clients while receiving a passive income!


Life Map

An essential route map for all clients and can be used to ensure your clients are clients for life not just for a few weeks or months. This dynamic coaching tool visually shows the client their lifemap but also enables the clients to work through their future goals, using the GROW model.



The coaching hubs are fully PayPal enabled. You can set the programs for instant access, one off fees, subscriptions. Limited, restricted or full access. HMTL links to affiliate payments such as Amazon.

Program content


Engage your clients and give a deeper coaching experience to your clients. Use youtube, flash, mp3, powerpoints. Printable and downloadable for both coach and client.


The system enables the coach to include Chat, individual coach to client dialogue also vital feedback on all coaching programs and coaching.


SELL your bespoke programs on our retail sites. We agree a price, then promote and sell your programs. The fees are split 50/50. When the clients wish to upgrade, we pass these leads on to you - no charge. All fees received thereafter are 100% the coaches.


Your coaching hub will is a fully responsive site. Meaning all parties can access their coaching hub from iPads, tablets and other mobile devices. There is a choice of themes to make your site even more personalized.


The coaching hub is able to grow as your business grows. You can start with a single coach and add more coaches to your team as you wish.


The coaching hub is available in over 70 languages. Although the coaching programs are currently still in English. We are looking for translators to help, please check out Partners. Your coachees can choose their preferred language, while you can set your default language.


The coaching hub has an extensive exam/test functionality includes multiple question types, timed exams, answer feedback, max attempt options and much more. Upload and customize your own certificate templates.


24/7/365 Online coaching safe, secure and confidential. The Platform is stored on a remote server. The coach and clients can access the programs anywhere at anytime.


The coaching hub comes with a wide range of pre-configured reports all of which can be exported to Excel or PDF as required.


Your coaching hub completes complete with calendars, blogs, news and forums. Together with a selection of templates to personalize and brand your coaching hub.


Every coaching hub is allocated an Account Manager. This person will be there every step of the way to ensure your coaching hub looks and performs exactly as you wish it to. we also have a full online support service with guides, tips and help.