"...this has been an absolute revelation to me! It has so much to offer anybody who wants to be proactive in making positive and lasting changes to their lives. It is particularly ideal for those who never have time for, or cannot afford, face-to-face coaching. It can all be done in the comfort of your own home – allowing you good quality time to really reflect on your life and how you want it to be. ..."

"...I found it very helpful to have a structured process to guide me through the initial stages of setting up my interactive coaching business. By working through this step-by-step business development programme I quickly managed to establish my hot spot, create my 30 second elevator speech, produce a brand-new website, set up my personal response mechanism, and last but not least, to temper my natural enthusiasm until all this was in place before I embarked on any proactive marketing. I managed to get my first interactive client before my website even went live and just over a month of having started the process! Now the foundation is in place I feel ready and prepared to really kick-start my business with a huge marketing offensive! Thanks for all your time, help and support, Rob! ..."

"...I absolutely loved the program and hope to register for a year. I can not express how I needed that very direction and continue to. I am in the end of a long journey of unemployment and/or underemployment  The usual fees are in a way outrageous; I just don't have any spare funds at this time. Please extend my warmest thanks to team for writing and guiding us all through this beautiful path. ..."

"...from my client’s point of view, they can access coaching at an affordable level, see how it works for them and decide, without obligation or pressure, where they want to go with it..!"

Interactive Coaching

Enhance your coaching skills.  Interactive Coaching adds a new skill set to your coaching business.

Interactive Coaching Programs

Interactive coaching is different, this is considered as the second step in coaching and not meant to take the place of 1 2 1  coaching.  1 2 1 Coaching is the coach's high value service with which they are paid accordingly. This cost can sometimes become restrictive to many clients.  This is the reason Interactive coaching was created. By working through the interactive coaching programs the client can work at their own pace and in their own time. While the coach can watch their progress and respond as and when required.

The Client

By working with the written word, Interactive Coaching becomes an intuitive method of coaching and one that will become the norm as people are looking for alternative, convenient and affordable methods of coaching. The coach uses the power of Interactive Coaching to empower the client to take control and become accountable of their own success. Some people feel the only and best way of coaching is 121 coaching, but this coaching method has it's limitations.  Many people are concerned with the idea of talking to a stranger, opening up, feeling a sense of being judged and even embarrassed. Then of course you have the time issues of getting together with the coach. We all have busy lives so whenever an appointment is made it never seems to be the right time. With Interactive Coaching all these fears are set to one side, and although the client knows the coach is there and responding, the fact the client is writing down their thoughts, goals, fears, and dreams very quickly the client forgets the "stranger" and picks-up on their "feelings" giving much deeper responses, in a short period of time.

The Coach

By working through a powerful Interactive program with your client, the coach very quickly identifies issues that are not obvious. The coach becomes intuitive, able to read between the lines of communication. Clients are always amazed at this, in most cases the clients avoid the real issues, but not with Interactive Coaching. The coach detects and acknowledges this, drawing the client back to the real issue and not letting them proceed until they too acknowledge this and a break through happens. This can only be achieved because of the time available to be able to reflect before a reply. Likewise the client has the time to respond giving both deeper communications and enlightening moments that can never be achieved on a 1:1 basis.

During the communications with Interactive Coaching, between the coach and client, a coaching rainbow is created. This rainbow gives  the client an immediate history of the communication keeping the flow and tone of the conversation together. We quickly discovered that even the color can tell the coach so much about the client and what they were feeling when they were responding. Bringing a holistic element to the coaching.

With Interactive Coaching you are given a personalized coaching Hub, complete with The Fundamental Coaching program and the Self Coaching Programs. The Hub also includes the Life Map and GROW model to ensure your clients are keeping to their values, goals and stay focused. Working towards a work life balance the clients can at any time choose to share their work with you their coach, giving even greater and deeper coaching.

Self Coaching

Interactive Coaching Programs

    Accessible anytime, anywhere
    Life coaching tools
    Profile, Calendars, Events and News
    Safe, Secure and confidential
    Keeping focused and engaged
    Interaction from the coach