The Hub is an online coaching hub that makes the management and delivery of web-based coaching programs easy.

Each Coaching Hub is customized with your company logo to give your clients a smooth transition from your website to your Hub

The Essential Marketing Funnel for Coaches

A ultimate marketing funnel for all coaching businesses.

More Coaching Clients

All coaches will at times experience a lack of clients. Many coaches rely on recommendations or personal introductions. Few coaches actually experience a visitor to their website jumping straight into $100 hr plus for their 1 2 1 services. There are many barriers that need to be broken down before a client will commit to the coaching process.

To start any business you need to "open" your doors and tell people you are ready for business. This requires marketing,  you, your services and your business. This is time consuming and in most cases the most disliked area of any business. Time and time again we read that coaches are being encouraged to start their businesses by giving away FREE coaching sessions. We have found this just doesn't work for several reasons.

  • No Money has been given, so no perceived value.
  • Coaches waste too much time on people who want something for nothing.
  • No understanding of where the prospective client is.

    60,000 online clients, over 4 continents, in 20 time zones!

    The marketing issues every coach has to be aware of are:-

  • Coaching is perceived to be expensive, it's okay if somebody else is paying
  • People cannot try before they buy.
  • Time is expensive and precious, hence there are minimum returns that coaches require on their time spent in coaching.
  • There are those coaches that compensate for this by giving free sessions, clients are not engaged properly because of the lack of investment.
  • Other coaches are after huge sums per day. The result is confusion in the market place, that is holding up market penetration and general acceptance.
  • coaching has not found its place in the public mind.

  • The reality is:-

  • Most of the work with coaching is done by the client.
  • The coach is a facilitator, using their questioning skills to help to marshal the thoughts of the client to achieve their objectives.
  • Every Coach understands the power of coaching, they just need a vehicle and the methodology to take this to the market place.
  • Having worked with over 7,000 coaches we know the majority are not marketing experts, in fact many coaches go cold at the very mention of the word.

    The solution:-

    So what if you had a system that baited your prospective clients. Hooked them into a self program that draws them in to Interact with you leaving you free to coach the ones that have paid to be coached. While you receive a passive income in the meantime! The Hub takes care of this, leaving time for you to get on and do what you want to do most and that is coach!

    MyLife - Life Mapping Coaching Tool:-

    By using the MyLife Life Mapping Coaching Tool together with the GROW model Program your clients can experience the Hub, work through this program and then share their work with you their coach. It is critical for everyone to work through the MyLife - Life Map to establish where they are in their life today.

    Recommendations and FREE coaching Clients:-

    As a company we are actively marketing our own programs and encouraging our prospective clients to upgrade and employ a personal coach to continue coaching them on their voyage of discovery. These prospects are passed on to our Accredited Interactive Coaches