"...this has been an absolute revelation to me! It has so much to offer anybody who wants to be proactive in making positive and lasting changes to their lives. It is particularly ideal for those who never have time for, or cannot afford, face-to-face coaching. It can all be done in the comfort of your own home - allowing you good quality time to really reflect on your life and how you
want it to be. ..."

"...I found it very helpful to have a structured process to guide me through the initial stages of setting up my interactive coaching business. By working through this step-by-step business development programme I quickly managed to establish my hot spot, create my 30 second elevator speech, produce a brand-new website, set up my personal response mechanism, and last but not least, to temper my natural enthusiasm until all this was in place before I embarked on any proactive marketing. I managed to get my first interactive client before my website even went live and just over a month of having started the process! Now the foundation is in place I feel ready and prepared to really kick-start my business with a huge marketing offensive! Thanks for all your time, help and support, Rob! ..."

"...from my client's point of view, they can access coaching at an affordable level, see how it works for them and decide, without obligation or pressure, where they want to go with it.!' ..."

Online Self & Interactive Coaching Programs

Embrace the internet by adding Self and Interactive Coaching programs to your existing business and coach an unlimited number of clients.

Self & Interactive Programs

Most people are coached by either face to face meetings or by telephone. These are the standard methods of coaching. However they are financially and time restrictive to you and your clients. The average number of clients most coaches can consider coaching in a day is between 4-5 clients. Coaching is an exhausting process and the coach is under great pressure to make progress within these sessions. By adding self and interactive coaching programs to your existing coaching services you can now match your clients budget, time and specific issues.

Each of these coaching programs provide the client with a richer, deeper level of coaching.  They are enjoyable and enlightening. The clients are guided through the programs answering the questions and completing the tasks set. The clients answers are recorded and held within the reports for the coach to review, and interact as and when necessary.  The client can upgrade to your personal 1 to 1 services as and when they wish. These powerful coaching programs are a true enhancement to any Coaching Practice.

Self Coaching - Research

During our research we discovered that:-

a) There are many people who are interested in being coached but are concerned about the thought of speaking to 'a stranger'.

b)  In these financially challenging times many have a limited budget for something that they have no proof that coaching would work for them.

We invited these people to "try" self coaching for themselves. The feedback was extremely encouraging and we are confident we have a product that will enhance the coaches business while sharing with prospective clients the power of self coaching.

Having experienced self coaching, many clients requested an upgrade to test out the 'Interactive' coaching. Once the confidence and trust has been gained from the interactive coaching it wasn't long before our coaches had requests for their personal 1 2 1 coaching services. This is an extremely effective marketing funnel

Each program is delivered to your client through your own personalized or branded coaching platform. All communications are sent directly to you the coach, all upgrades to 1 2 1 coaching and all revenue generated by the Interactive element is 100% received by the coach. All prices are set by you.

An easy entry to Coaching, gaining more coaching clients.

Self Coaching is where the client does all the work, by working through our very powerful Self Coaching programs the client creates, their own personal goals, tasks and ambitions. Each program has the Full Life Map and GROW model built within, where the client works through each individual area that is important to them. Ensuring their work life balance. The Life map is an essential part of coaching as the client progresses through their program with or without the coach the coach is fully informed of the client work and can reach out and engage with the client at any time.

The coaching hub is fun and easy to use. The Self Coaching programs are designed for your clients to work within the system. The clients are guided by a simple step-by-step process creating their own tasks and personal goals which empowers the clients to be accountable for their own future. Your clients now have access to a 24/7/365 coach, anywhere in the world at anytime. There is no limit to the number of Self Coaching clients you can have on your Coaching Hub. The coach is not responsible or required to coach the client in anyway. However, the coach can view the clients work and reach out to the client at anytime.

The programs enable the client to work at their own pace, and are an affordable entry to Life Coaching.  The client has access 24/7/365 anytime, anywhere, on a safe and secure environment. It is personal and because the client is the one in control they are made to be accountable for their goals, reality, options and will. The client is kept on target and focused. The self coaching programs are fun, lightweight with powerful results.

Interactive Coaching

Self Coaching Programs

    Accessible anytime, anywhere
    Life coaching tools
    Profile, Calendars, Events and News
    Safe, Secure and confidential
    Keeping focused and engaged
    No obligation from the coach