"...I love the look and feel of this platform..."

"...I was so pleased to find that this is simple to use. My skills are very limited but I have created my coaching programs very quickly and without any support ..."

"...Is it great to see how much a client can get out of the response..."

"...Success had only been a dream before I experienced Interactive Coaching . Now I have exceeded even my own wildest imagination!.."

Sell your coaching programs online

Use our built-in online program shopping cart to automate registration and payment for all programs

Online program registration and payment

When your client registers for one of your programs they will receive an email confirming their registration and giving them immediate access to your HUB, you will receive an email notifying you of this registration, to help you keep track of your rowing online coaching business.

Set a price

You set your price for all programs via PayPal but also have the choice to give them away for FREE.

No Hidden Costs

Unlike many 'training systems' that you may encounter we don't believe in taking a cut from profits of your program sales. You created the programs so you deserve 100% of the revenue earned and received via PayPal. Even the programs that are already uploaded, these become yours so you can set the price.