The Hub is an online coaching hub that makes the management and delivery of web-based coaching programs easy.

Each Coaching Hub is customized with your company logo to give your clients a smooth transition from your website to your Hub

Social Forums

By choosing to include the social forum you can now start to create an online social community. This can enhance the coaching experience by giving your clients the ability to share their thoughts and experiences with others. This may help them to feel less isolated and alone. Social forums, often called 'Virtual Cafes' can be set up for programs, depending on the client's need. Such spaces provide a common area for clients to come together and discuss unlimited topics, including social activities and coaching ideas. They are supportive spaces for clients. It is arguable that clients will experience a greater sense of community within and a sense of belonging to your coaching company having had the experience and convenience of the social forum on their program; this could arguably have implications for retention.

Social Forums

As the coach you can choose to participate in the discussions or allow your clients to lead and own the space. You can use this to encourage discussions if your clients or group is quiet. You can help shape ideas if the participants wander off the subject. You can encourage and support the group and allow to share control of the discussion.

News Forum

The Hub programs automatically generate a News forum which defaults to automatically subscribe all participants in a program. The name of the News Forum can be changed to something more appropriate, such as ‘Important Announcements’ or the like. This is a useful feature and many use this forum in a Hub program to announce meeting dates, updates of your company, lectures or seminars, you may be holding.