"...I realise that I have been coaching before I even knew what coaching was. I love words and have always used them as a way of encouraging and supporting others so Coaching Interactive is exactly what the coach doctor ordered. Not only does it provide me with a greater opportunity to see into the needs of my clients but I think it also gives my clients greater focus. Through my clients own words I have greater insight as to where my input and support is needed. And what’s more I get to be a 24hr coach! ..."

"...I just also wanted to take a quick minute to say how utterly impressed I am with the customer service (if only all companies worked like yours). I am just thrilled with selecting the hub as my platform - I had tried another in the past, but found it too cumbersome to edit/change, etc. I really can't say enough about the ease of using this program, and your help has been priceless. Thank you again! :)..."
Diane Adkins

"...The world moves on and a truly professional Interactive Coaching System at some time had to come into the world to help all those with time issues or even geographical issues. This is a major coaching method for the future and is here now. True professional On-Line Coaching by an approved coach has just been born...."



We strongly believe that everyone deserves the right to have easy access to Coaching. After years of developing this concept, combining the most powerful life coaching tools, together with the very best in Coaching Interactive Approved Coaches, everyone can now personally grow and build the life they desire. With Coaching Interactive the coach has all the necessary Online Interactive Coaching programs that will fit everyone's budget.



Although people are being trained to coach, too many coaches are not given the necessary tools and understanding of how to create full time multiple income streams with their new Coaching Business. It is our goal to assist all coaches to achieve their dreams and create a good living with Coaching. To aid this goal our system is designed to create multiple incomes, these can help to even out the cash flow peaks and troughs the majority of self employed business owners experience. There are 5 Online Coaching Income streams available to you as a coach.

Historically Coaches have only been able to consider generating an income from clients with their high value product, their 1 to 1 service.  This has proved to be very restrictive, mainly by the limited number of clients a coach can coach at any one time and the number of hours in a day, together with geographical restrictions.

This is  the reasoning behind many coaches being encouraged to try "Group" coaching. However, group coaching is not anywhere near as effective as personal coaching, whether this is self, interactive or 1 2 1 coaching. A great number of people are reluctant to 'open -up' in a group situation and with many coaches being fearful of speaking to a group of people, this method of coaching only works for a handful of people.

All of these components effectively impact the total income potential from Coaching. With the Coaching HUB you now have the potential of Passive Income from Self Coaching, Leveraged Income from Interactive Coaching, Affiliate Income and Royalty Income from recommendations, These are the various income streams you can expect:

Multiple Income streams

  • Affiliate Incomes
  • Passive Incomes
  • High Value 1 2 1 Coaching Income
  • Leveraged Income
  • Royalty Income
  • Regional Income