“...with personally over 5,000
interactive coaching sessions,
over 60,000 online clients,
4 continents, 20 time zones,
does this work? - Absolutely! ...”
Robert J Rendle 

“...I was skeptic regarding online programs until I started to write and get engaged, then I was hooked...there is something very profound and deep that takes over while writing and this is what these online programs encourage. Well done!..”

“...I am so impressed with you and your team. You are the best!...”

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Website Builder

Powered by a simple, easy-to-use online Website Builder tool that helps you to build full-fledged websites within minutes:-

The easiest website builder you will ever use!
Too many times coaches are held to ransom by their website experts!  Be in total control! With this website builder product you can change your images, text, add forms, payments, change templates at any time. You will no longer have to wait for your web designer to get around to working on your website.

You will be able to view reports, visitor, referrals, and statistics. Add your Social networks, blogs and optimize your website for the search engines. You can include an image gallery, Forms, Google maps, paypal, and ebay.

Online Website Editor & Content Manage Features

    No technical or designing skills required
    Over 175 unique designs
    Completely customizable templates
    Over 175 themes and counting
    1, 2 and 3 column layouts
    Easy Image Uploading and Editing
    Built in lightbox feature
    100% customizable page layouts
    Style importing and exporting
    Favicon customization
    Standard HTML and CSS Templates
    Real time Editor
    Drag and Drop components
    Access to stock photo library (85000 images)

Website Marketing Features

    Social Network Integration
    Blog Portability
    Customized Forms Builder
    Monitor Your Website Usage
    Top Referrers Analysis Page
    Optimize your website for search engines

Website Components

    Image Gallery
    Google Maps

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